Montero Family Espresso - Costa Rica, Tarrazu

Sale price189 kr

Size: 250g

Variety: Catuai
Processing: Honey
Altitude: 1900 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: March 2023
Taste notes: Creamy and balanced with notes of chocolate, coconut and peach

Whole coffee beans roasted for espresso. 

We’ve been working with the Montero’s and their coffees for over five years and over that time we’ve bought a lot of different types of coffees. Carlos and his family are curious and excited to bring us new and exciting lots year after year and this one is sure to be a modern classic. For years, the “standard” flavour of coffee has equaled chocolate and roasted nuts. While delicious for sure, we’re seeing more and more folks wanting to combine those familiar notes with sweetness and ripe fruit notes in their “cups of comfort”. This lot gives us all that, and more! It’s a balanced and sweet cup with lots of creamy milk chocolate notes that’s given a bit more complexity by a wonderful coconut aroma and juicy stone fruit notes. A beautiful combination of two flavour profiles that makes it a coffee to drink all day, every day.