Our roastery

Early 2019 we got the keys to what would become our dream roastery. In a rundown port shack in the old city shipyard of Gothenburg, right underneath one of the cranes is where you would find us moving forward. After breaking down some walls, reinforcing the floors and many many layers of paint later, the place started to look like a roastery. In a previous moment of “it’s now or never” we had already pulled the trigger  and ordered our roaster, so finally having a roastery to put it in was quite the relief. A big part of our branding, fonts and colour choices were inspired from the bright contrasts and bold, stencilled lettering you’d find on shipping containers, airports and harbours. Suddenly we found ourselves surrounded by those things in the everyday scenography of our new neighbourhood. Just a few days after having finished renovations on the roastery our roaster arrived from the United States. In 2011 we first started roasting on a Loring, and when we were to pick out a machine to call our own the choice was simple. Loring makes the most technically advanced and environmentally friendly roasters on the planet, reliable, easy to work with and maintain and after months of waiting for it to be custom built for us it was finally outside our roastery doors. When the forklift loaded it in through the entrance we had a margin of just 2 centimeters going up and down, so our Loring turned out to be a perfect fit, quite literally. In 2019 we hosted the Swedish Aeropress Championship and threw a big housewarming party for friends and family. We loved having folks over at our place so much we started offering take away coffee on weekdays and throwing monthly events on the dock outside some Saturdays. We served up homemade waffles, ice cream, fresh churros, pancakes, donuts and lots of other delicious treats to go with our coffee, all made by us here at the roastery. We had big lines of people excited to have a taste when we started combining the events with free coffee tastings. We do this once a month, on the last Saturday of the month. We also have our roastery shop where you can buy freshly roasted coffee, filters and gear as well as take away coffee of course. You can enjoy it outside on our dock or inside right by our production line. We’re open Monday to Friday 8-16 and we can’t wait to see you!