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Nano Challa Espresso - Ethiopia, Agaro

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Variety: Heirloom
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1930 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: January 2022
Taste notes: Juicy and floral with notes of red grapefruit and Earl Grey tea

Certified organic (SE-EKO-04)

250 grams of whole coffee beans roasted for espresso. 

The Nano Challa cooperative and washing station was established in 2009 with the clear goal to produce high quality coffee with as much transparency and as sustainable as possible. The coffees selected at Nano Challa have all been grown by smaller farms with less than three hectares of land that generally produces just under a tonne of green coffee each harvest. The producers are paid when they hand over their coffee cherries, and then a second premium when the resulting green coffee has been processed and graded. The processing of washed coffee normally uses 100 liters of water per kilo of green coffee. By using an Eco Pulper, they only have to use 1 liter per kilo. Incidentally, the Eco Pulper also leaves the coffee beans cleaner with less mucilage, making the fermentation time much shorter, about 3-10 hours. After the water is used, it’s filtered before being reintroduced in the surrounding area. This lot is also certified organic, making the coffee not only delicious, but greener and more sustainably grown and processed, from seed to cup.

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