Morgon / Fellow Carter Move thermos

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Colour: Yellow

355 ml / 12 oz

Our very favourite travel mug! Created by the geniuses at Fellow in the states and branded by us.

Each mug is printed with the same design: Morgon wave logo at the bottom, Kran 42, bird and seal illustrations at the center and MCR GBG SWE at the top.
The thermoses comes in gorgeous yellow, green, mint and black.

The outside of the cup is durable 304 18/8 insulated stainless steel that retains heat for 12 hours and stays cold for 24. The inside on the other hand is ceramic to keep your coffee tasting great, every time. The lip of the cup is thin and mimics a Carbernet wine glass to make each sip as enjoyable as possible. On top of it all there’s a leakproof lid. This version is higher and more narrow than our last ones and they come with a splash guard, so you can keep sipping on the move. Oh and they’re very pretty!

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