Lopes Family Espresso - Brazil, Alta Mogiana

Sale price165 kr

Size: 250g

Variety: Arara
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 900 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: July 2023
Taste notes: Round with notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut

Whole roasted coffee beans.

Enison and Lia Lopes run the farm Santa Rita do Morro Grande where this coffee comes from. They are fourth generation coffee producers and combine experience and tradition with curiosity and a great respect for the surrounding environment and nature at the farm. They make their own organic compost and grow high trees around their coffee shrubs to give them shade and add to the biodiversity and healthy soil. The area Alta Mogiana is well-known for their high quality coffee and the name is even  recognised as a Protected Geographical Indication for producing fruity coffees with chocolatey notes and caramelized sweetness, just like this one! The Arabica variety Arara is not only new to us, but relatively fresh to the market as it started turning up in Brazil in 2012. Arara is a natural cross between varieties and has turned out to be resistant to leaf rust disease. In combination with that and its compact trees and naturally large beans, which makes harvesting easier and the price for the coffee higher, has made Arara a very well-liked and sought after variety.