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Gotiti - Ethiopia, Gedeb

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Variety: Heirloom
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 2000 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: December 2020
Taste notes: Jammy and elegant with notes of elderflower and red currant lemonade

Certified organic (SE-EKO-04)

250 grams of whole coffee beans roasted for filter. 

This fantastic coffee became our first natural lot from Ethiopia ever! The Natural process method is an effective way to maximize the sweetness of a coffee by placing the ripe cherries in the sun, to ferment and dry. What we can sometimes miss is a balance between the intense sweetness and the acidity. In order for it to not only taste like overripe fruit, a lively and bright acidity is needed to lighten up and give life to the profile. Which is exactly what we found in this coffee! Sweet and jammy thanks to the process method and floral and bright just as the cherries tasted when picked, because of the careful sorting and handling at the Gotiti process station. The station is run by the family business METAD, which reinvests part of its profits every harvest to build health clinics and sponsor schools in the area where the coffee has grown and producers and their families live.

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