Frederick Kariithi - Kenya, Kirinyaga

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Variety: SL28, SL34
Process: Washed 
Altitude: 1650 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: December 2018
Taste notes: Floral and complex with notes of rhubarb and wild strawberries


We were delighted to find a familiar name attached to this coffee when
we did a blind tasting to decide which Kenyan coffees to buy this
season. Frederick is the chairman of the cooperative Karamikui and a
producer of one of our first ever Kenyan coffees we purchased for
Morgon. Together with the manager Moses, Frederick runs the washing
station with a clear vision - Cleanliness is key. A great example of this is
the 25 kilometre long pipeline he had built from Mount Kenya to have
the purest water possible to wash this coffee. Frederick and Moses
have also had the fermentation tanks and grading channels completely
tiled to keep every step of the processing as spotless as possible.
These steps, along with the exceptionally high quality of the coffee
cherries grown in the surrounding area are some of the reasons why
this coffee quickly became a favourite of ours.