Our Favourite Espresso: Sandra Milena Mora

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Our Favourite Espresso changes with the seasons and our mood. It's not a specific flavour profile but the coffee that we find the most exciting to have as espresso at the moment. Whichever coffee we use, you can always count on Our Favourite Espresso to be fresh, in season and with a clear sense of origin. Just the way we like it.

Right now, Our Favourite Espresso comes from:
Sandra Milena Mora - Colombia, Palestina

Variety: Caturra 
Processing: Fully washed 
Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: December 2018 
Taste notes: Creamy with notes of caramel and tropical fruit

500 or 1000 grams of whole beans roasted for a light to medium bodied espresso or a heavier filter brew.

We’re so happy and proud to once more feature this washed Caturra from Sandra Milena Mora in Palestina, Colombia. She’s a producer that we’ve worked with before and not only does she and her husband Hector produce amazing coffee – they do it in the most inspiring way. Her farm is completely organic and of the 9 hektars of land she has, she only farm 5 of them. This is because she believes her trees will be healthier and produce a better cup if they don’t run the risk of growing in a soil with monoculture. Diversity and nature are the keywords here and nothing is left to chance.


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