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Ricardo Tavares - Brazil, Chapada de Minas

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Variety: Yellow Catuai 
Processing: Pulped natural
Altitude: 1000 m.a.s.l.
Harvested: July 2020
Taste notes: Round with notes of dark chocolate and hazelnut

250 grams of whole coffee beans roasted for filter. 

At the farm Primavera you’ll find hypnotising row after row of deep green, covering the estate in meticulous corridors of gorgeous coffee trees. This is where Ricardo Tavares has fulfilled his dream of producing specialty coffee. The passion and attention to detail is impressive and it shows not only in the red and yellow Catuai that comes from Ricardo and his Fazenda Primavera, but also in the community and environment that surrounds them. They were recently named one of the foremost sustainable farms in all of Brazil and in 2018 they won the Brazilian Cup of Excellence.

Category: Filter roasts